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this is my idea what it is.

User talk....Ok I get it

hit the + button next to edit in order to respond. This won't be so bad to figure out. I think it will work GREAT with recipes. People who have tried certain recipes can add variations, and comments. This is Freakin cool.



not only that but we can have everything in one place. history, definitions, diagrams for stills, formulas etc. very sweet!

our encyclopedia

wow, to the people who don't think all the extras are a good Idea, think of it this way...this wiki is homedistiller's personal distilling encyclopedia.

i agree

i like it.

it appears anon people can edit, i'll see if i can change that.


Have you figured out how to add pictures? I can't figure it out. I was going to start adding pictures of stills.


go to "upload file" in the "toolbox" on your left

then use the "embedded image" feature to enter the name of the photo.

to do

i'm working on getting latex going for math equations.


i moved 'yeast strains' into the 'yeast' page


i say we move the "glossary of wine making terms" to simply be "glossary" or "glossary of alcoholic beverages." wine is just too specific. we can start to evolve it into our distillers glossary...


you guys are doing great work, keep it up!

the more content the better, we can always edit and organize later.

hard work

doing this glossary entry by entry!

but well worth it. check the glossary index, looks much better.

simple sour mash

i'm going to put up the "simple sour mash" method of making whisky from an uncooked mash. where should i put it?


the homedistiller page is actually wrong for the u.s.

it's perfectly legal to own a still. you can produce fuel ethanol in california without a permit, for example. you have to let the feds know but they don't care about fuel ethanol, at least that is how i last understood the law.


yttrium how do you make those thumbs with the descriptive text

Type img:blahblahblah.jpg|thumb|left| Description of blah

Here's a link to some of the stuff you do with images. I'm still trying to get the hang of the pixel width control.

Wiki image markup



great cider page mydbear

i whittled down the wanted pages some of them are gonna be rough


do we want to put rye, bourbon and tennessee under "rye whisky" "bourbon whisky" and "tennessee whisky"? right now it's just "bourbon" for instance

  • Rye isn't just a whiskey, it is also a grain which could have its own page about malting rye for instance. With tennessee someone could have a link to all the distilleries in Tennessee. So, I'm all in favor of all whiskys ending in whisky. Irish whisky, Scotch whisky, Bourbon whisky, etc. --Yttrium


sounds good.


going great guys, mydbear do you make up your own content or grab it online? some of that stuff is excellent.


i never even know there was a "four-row" barley!


i never even knew there was a "four-row" barley!


I get it out of books and on line


why didnt you guys tell me i had the whiskey/whisky spellings backward? :)

work work work


so far i like our broad categories:

  1. Alcoholic beverages
  2. Bibliography
  3. Equations
  4. Equipment
  5. Fluid Dynamics
  6. Glossary
  7. Recipes
  8. Spirit Definitions
  9. Wines

is "wines" a good category? if so should it be "wine"? if so, should we add "beer"? this opens a can of worms when we get to spirits. what are the broad categories for spirits? whiskies is do we classify armangac, tequila, etc. etc.? we don't want too many categories.


i changed "wines" to "wine". i guess i like the idea, but i still think we need to settle on our categories for spirits without having to add too many. any thoughts?

one more thought

how about we change "spirit definitions" to spirits so we have three broad categories for now:

beer wine spirits



i split the categories into:

Beer Wine Spirits Mixed Drinks

One more thought

Would Liqueurs fall under spirits


yes unless we want a "cordials" category...lets worry about that later.

Drink recipes or

check the bibliography category

i'm putting in isbn numbers for books. click the number and you can search various online stores for copies of that book...pretty slick.


should they all be in one category? or should we have multiple categories of them?


can ya have multiple categories in one category like coctails for beer,coctails for gin,coctails for rum ect.


sure, we can have a big "cocktails" category then also sub-categories like "cocktails with beer" or "beer-based cocktails"