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Four companies - Lallemand (Lalvin), Red Star, White Labs and Wyeast - produce the vast majority of wine-yeast strains used by home winemakers in North America. Here's an overview of the yeast strains these firms sell in small packages intended for home hobbyists, which is generally five grams for dry yeast packets and 35 to 175 ml for liquid vials or packets. In either format, this is the right amount to inoculate a five-gallon batch. There are other companies and other strains, but these are the most common; you can find them at most home winemaking supply stores.

Yeast Strain Chart
Company Yeast Name Dry or Liquid Strain Number Suggested Wine Styles Temp Range (°F) Alcohol Tolerance Level (%) Flocculation Description
Lalvin ICV D-47 Dry 1080-02 Dry White, Blush, Sweet Mead 50-86° 14% Medium Contributes mouthfeel in Chard and other whites, sweet mead
Lalvin BOURGOVIN RC 212 Dry 1105-02 Young Reds, Aged Reds 59-86° 14% Low Enhances varietal and spicy notes in reds, maintains color stability
Lalvin 71-B Dry 1022-02 Blush, Whites, Nouveau, Young Reds, Juice from Concentrates 59-86° 14% Medium Contributes tropical-fruit esters, softens acidity perception
Lalvin KIV-1116 Dry 1016-02 Stuck Fermentations, Cider 59-86° 16% Low Expresses freshness of white varieties
Lalvin EC-1118 Dry 1018-02 Champagne, Dry Meads, Cider, Secondary-Stuck Ferment, Late Harvest 45-95° 18% Low Strong fermenter, low foam, neutral sensory impact
Red Star Pasteur Red Dry Davis#904 Cabernet, Syrah, Pinot, Merlot, Gamay, Zin, Berry and Cherry Wine 64-86° 16% Low Full-bodied red wines, fruit flavors, complex aromas
Red Star Montrachet Dry Davis#522 Merlot, Chard, Zinfandel, Syrah 59-86° 13% Low Full-bodied intense-color red and white wines
Red Star Cote des Blancs Dry Davis#750 Blush Wines, Sparkling Cuvée, Riesling, Chard, Cider 64-86° 12-14% Low Slow fermenter, builds flavor and aroma, temperature sensitive
Red Star Pasteur Champagne Dry Davis#595 Dry White, Cabernet, Port, Cider, Mead, Fruits 59-86° 13-15% Medium-Low White and some red, no tirage, restarts stuck fermentation
Red Star Premier Curvée Dry Davis#796 Anything but residual-sugar wines 45-95° 18% Low Red, white and sparkling, restarts stuck fermentation
Red Star Flor Sherry Dry Davis#519 Sherry (primary and secondary fermentation 59-86° 18-20% Low Good aldehyde production in secondary fermentation
White Labs Champagne Liquid WLP-715 Champagne, Cider, Dry Whites, Dry Meads, Barleywines 70-75° 17% Low A classic champagne yeast, neutral character
White Labs Sweet Mead and Wine Liquid WLP-720 Sweet Mead, Blush Wines, Cider, Fruit Wine, Gewürz, Riesling 70-75° 15% Low Slightly fruity, leaves some residual sweetness
White Labs English Cider Liquid WLP-775 Cider 68-75° 14% Medium Ferments dry but retains flavor from apples
White Labs Chardonnay White Wine Liquid WLP-730 White and Blush, Chablis, Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc 50-90° 14% Low Slight ester, low sulfur dioxide, enhances varietal character
White Labs Merlot Red Wine Yeast Liquid WLP-740 Cabernet, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chard, Sauv. Blanc and Sémillon 60-90° 18% Low Neutral, low fused alcohol production, ferments to dryness
White Labs Cabernet Red Wine Yeast Liquid WLP-760 Cabernet, Merlot, Chard and Sauvignon Blanc 60-90° 16% Low Moderate speed, full-bodied red wines, complementing esters
Wyeast Pasteur Champagne Liquid 3021 XL Dry Whites, Spumante, Sauv. Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Gewürz 55-75° 17% Medium-Low Low foaming, barrel fermentation, ideal champagne base
Wyeast Dry Mead Liquid 3632 XL Mead, Fruit Mead, Herbal Mead, Dry Cider, Cysers 55-75° 18% Low-Medium Award winning, low foaming, minimal sulfur production
Wyeast Sweet Mead Liquid 3184 XL Cider, Cyser, Fruit Wine, Ginger Ale, Cherry, Raspberry, Peach 60-75° 11% Low-Medium Rich fruity profile, complements fruit mead fermentation
Wyeast Sake #9 Liquid 3134 XL Sake, Nigori, Dai Gingo, Fruit, Plum Wine, Rice Beer 60-75° 16% Low-Medium Full-bodied profile, true Sake character, used for Jius
Wyeast Chablis Liquid 3242 XL Fruity Whites, Chard, Chablis, Gewürz, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris 55-75° 12-13% High Bready, vanilla notes, allows fruit character to dominate
Wyeast Rudisheimer Liquid 3783 XL Rhine Wines, Fruity Ciders, Riesling, Ice Wine 55-75° 12-13% Medium Rich flavor, creamy, fruity profile, dry finish, hint of Riesling
Wyeast Assmannhausen Liquid 3277 XL Red German Wine, Riesling, Red Varietals, Merlot, Red French-Am 60-90° 12-14% Medium-High German red wine yeast, ferments slower, cold tolerant
Wyeast Pasteur Red Liquid 3028 XL Cabernet, Red Varietals, Gamay, Zin, Rhone, Burgundy, Pinot Noir 55-90° 14% Medium-High Classic German, full body, depth, dry smoky characteristics
Wyeast Bordeaux Liquid 3267 XL Fr. Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Petit Syrah,Rioja, Valdepeñas 55-90° 14% Low-Medium Smooth complex profile, slightly vinuous, jammy, rich
Wyeast Eau de Vie Liquid 3347 XL Cordials, Grappa, Barleywine, Eau de Vie, Single Malts 65-80° 21% Low Produces clean, dry profile, low ester
Wyeast Cider Liquid 3766 XL Cider 60-75° 12% High Crisp dry fermenting yeast for fruits and fermentables
Wyeast Portwine Liquid 3767 XL Dry Red and White Wine, add Brandy for classic Port 60-90° 14% Low-Medium Mild fruit profile, balanced depth and complexity, dry finish
Wyeast Steinberg Liquid 3237 XL Riesling, Sylvaner, Moselle, Liebfraumilch 55-75° 12-13% Medium-High Produces full body, dry smoky character, drier than #3783
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